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chapter 2:Dinner


A half an hour after Hankyung started reading his book, he heard Leetuk calling everyone down for dinner. When he went into the kitchen he was suprised to see that everyone was there for dinner. Usually only a few were here for dinner, because sometimes they had a show to film or something else planned. He looked down at the table to see what they were having and saw Beijiing fried rice.

"We're having Beijiing fried rice?"

Hankyung asked. 'Usually I make it...'

"Yeah why? Is something wrong?"

"Well usually I always make it, so I was just suprised."

"Yeah I was too. I was going to have you cook it, like you always do. But then Heechul suddenly came up to me and told me that he would cook it instead."

"Oh." 'Wonder why he wanted to cook it..'


"Hey you! I worked very hard to make this for everyone! Now sit down! Kangin! Where do you think you're going huh?!" 'Jeez...these ungratefull brats....I'm their senior, they should have more respect.'

"Sit down, both of you. I'm talkign to you Kangin and Yesung."

Hankyung sat down next to Yesung, that's where the only seat was available. He was going to sit next to Heechul, but the two seats beside him we taken by Sungmin and Ryeowook. When Heechul saw that they were by him, he kicked Sungmin out of his seat and made him switch with Hankyung.

"Hankyung! Come on, you jerk, sit by me~!"

"Ok, ok fine."

"Hey Hankyung, what do you think?"Heechul asked. 'It probly sucks since I never cook.'

"It's actually pretyy good, considering how you never cook. I'll have to teach you how to properly make it though. If you want to that is."


"Pffft....HAHAHAHAHA.....hehehehehe....oh my GOD.....you guys are...unbelievable!!!!"

"What are you laughing about Kangin hyung?"

"Those two...."

"Those two...? What do you mean?"

"Those two! Heechul and Hankyung!"

"Ya! Ya!Ya! What's so funny about us!"

Heechul demanded. 'There's nothing wrong with us...and besides....we would make the perfect couple too...if Hankyung would just realize it.'

"Heechul, you keep staring at Hankyung! Do you like him or something?"


"What's wrong with that? So what if he likes Hankyung, there's nothing wrong with it."

Leetuk said, staring at Kangin with a face expression that was like 'We're dating(secretly) you idiot. We're both guys, just like those two. you do realize that, right? Or are you stupider than I thought you were?'.

"Oh.." 'Man, I'm stupid..' "Nevermind Heechul...it wasn't funny. Just had a little too much to drink befor dinner...that's all...hahaha...." 'Ok, well that was a lame excuse...'


By now the only ones left at the dinner table were Leetuk,Kangin,Heechul and Hankyung. When Hankyung and Kangin left, Heechul went over to Leetuk.

"Hy, umm...can i talk to you for a minute?"

"Yeah sure. What is it?"

"Let's go to my room, I'll tell you there."


They both started heading twords his room.

He blankly stared at Kangin. He wasn't expecting Kangin to say something like that....
Sungmin asked.
Kangin had been watching Heechul and Hanyung the whole time during dinner. He was just curious, Heechul kept staring at Hankyung that's the only reason why. He started to think that Heechul might like Hankyung(<3~love), so he just started laughing...don't ask me why....there's just something messed up in his head....it's complicating...

He took another bite of the rice and began chewing.
Heechul whined making a pouty face.

Leetuk ordered. Kangin was the first one to sit down. He knew that if he didn't then Leetuk would later on say to him 'No sex for a month!'. He knew that even Leetuk couldn't last that long though....but he wasn't about to push his luck...just in case one day Leetuk meant it...for real.
There was an edge to his voice. " Heechul Hyung cooked it? I'm not eating it then, I might die from it...since he rarely ever cooks....who knows, he could've cooked it the wrong way or poisoned it." Yesung stated.

Leetuk asked while sitting down in his seat.




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