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"Ok,so what's the plan?" Heechul asked.

"Oh no no no...YOU can't know, it has to be a suprise for both you ad Hankyung. So you'll find out when it happens."

"Wha-KangIn, just tell him."

"Nope. Now come on Leetuek we have to prepare. Oh, and Heechul?" Kangin asked.

"Yeah?" 'What's that all about? Not telling my anything....tch.'

"Make sure you and Hankyung are in the house at 7 o clock later ok? It's very important that you are."

"Ummm...ok." With that Kangin and Leetuek went to the kitchen and Heechul went to the living room. When they got to the kitchen they started planning for tonight.

"So tonight will be the first step..."Kangin started saying.

When Heechul got to the living room he sat on the couch next to Sungmin. "Hey, what are you watching?"

"Hm? Xman, it's the christmas special, and-"

"No! Let's watch Lion King!!! I'll go get my dvd, be right back!" When he came back he put the DVD in and sat back down.

"Hey,Heechul..ummm..can I ask you something?"


"Do you really like Hankyung? I sort of overheard you guys talking about it. If you do, I wanna help too!"

'This can't be happening. I didn't want everyone to find out!!' "Y'You know? Great...."

"Hyung? What's wrong?"

"I didn't want everone to know..."he said while putting his head between his hands.

~~~~~~~ back in the kitchen~~~~~~

"Hey,Kangin....I think I just heard something from sungmin(kitchen is right next to the living room, so they can hear their conversation easily)....something about him knowing about Heechul and Hankyung. Let's go see, come on."

"Alright...and if Sungmin DOES know, then he could help us out too."

~~~~~~~living room~~~~~~~~~

Right at that momet, Leetuek ad Kangin walked in ad went over to Sungmin.

"So you know?"he asked.

"Yeah,could I help out too?"

"Sure you can. But we were gonna make you anyway, since you know about it."

"Oh....well, that's kinda scary, so i'll just pretend I never heard it. So, what's the plan?"

"Well we'll tell you in the kitchen since it's supposed to be a surprise for both Heechul and Hankyung, Come on, follow us sungmin.  Heechul hyung, sorry I stole your movie person, just gonna have to watch Lion King by yourself." Kangin said.

"aish.....just great....oh yay! It's starting!!!"


"Ok, here's the plan. We'll get Siwon and get him to go into the living room. Then he'll start flirting with Heechul, but not trying to kiss him. Then we'll go get Hankyung and tell him we want him to watch Lion King with us. When we're in the kitchen we'll tell him that we'll be in there in a minute. then when he goes into the living room, Siwon tries to kiss Heechul! It's perfect! Hankyung will get jealous and realize that he likes Heechul too! I'm so proud of myself..."Kangin said.

"Wow...that's..a perfect plan..." said the astounded Leetuek. "Hehe...didn't know you were that smart." and playfully hit him onthe shoulder while smiling.

"Alright, now let's go get siwon" said sungmin.

end of chapter. more to come later!!! ill update asap



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